– contemporary tenement house in Lodz –

The long standing tradition in building and architecture formed a series of simple and developed layouts of dwelling houses influenced by many factors. Practically every region of Poland or other countries in Europe have developed its individual shape/layout of tenement house based on current needs of people.

In XIX-XX century Lodz was one of the biggest textile centers in the world. That fact had huge impact on the city’s growth and its architecture – most of all development of tenement houses.

Concept design for contemporary tenement house in Lodz is based on careful analysis of rules of historical composition of tenement house in Lodz.

As a result five stories building with the drive hall in the middle has been design. Seven axis has been emphasized by two rows of balconies. According to original layout ground and first floor was designed for commercial use, the rest floors accommodate apartments.

Nazwa Contemporary Tenement house in Lodz
Typologia Design in fragile areas
Lokalizacja Lodz, Poland
Rok 2016
Status Idea
Klient City of Lodz