– experimental beer garden –

The adaptation of different buildings located near historical sites oblige the architects to design with special sensitivity and respect to this place. In this case project involved adaptive reuse of aging cellars located in close neighborhood to beautiful historical  complex consist of park and the 16th villa into craft brewery, multi-purpose space, beer retail store, bar, kitchen and park facing restaurant.

The idea of the design was to create new relation between building and nearest surrounding. Glazed front façade opens up the building for potential users, welcoming them with its industrial but warm interior. Rear former façade has been replaced with glass, which  gives and impression of transition between interior and historical park.


Main idea during interior design process was combination of steel, concrete with wooden louvers.


The interior design is industrial but with a warm and inviting feel and while the main space is large it is not overwhelming. Bar and sofas in the restaurant area are the only build elements inserted in this zone. The rest of the space is flexible and can be easily adopted for different kind of venues.

On the first floor behind the wooden louvers not only kitchen facilities are located, but also intimate part of the building consist of restaurant lounge area and  main tasting room which hang over and overlooks the park.


The project also offers something for beer crafting lovers. Special “Technological process path” allows to all the visitors following all the production process from the beginning. All the processes  which take part in dirt zone can be followed through the glass floor.

The Heart of the complex is “Aquarium” (place where all the tanks and vessels are stored and exposed through the glass wall) which emphasis the connection with the brilliant history of the craft brewery. Exposed part of crafting is the new interpretation of traditional style. It allows to the customer to understand the whole process of creating beer.


Restrooms are very often the most underrated aspects of the design. In our projects restrooms play important role in interior design.  One story high, based on circular plan, free standing volume clad with wooden louvers is exposed in the entrance hall being from one hand restrooms for visitors on ground floor level and from the other meeting room on first floor level.


Park furniture’s design is a result of compromise between beautiful site with so many trees and the open-air structure design which are define as a continuous part of the internal ribbon-like wooden louvers wall  . Light structures made of aluminum and wood are flexible in their layout so they can easy accommodate existing trees. Structures design in that  way beautifully fits into park background becoming unity

Structures can be used as a pavilion for beer and food lovers, toilet, shelter from sun, or place for barbecue gatherings.

Nazwa Experimental Beer Garden, Young Architects Competition
Typologia Adaptation and revitalization
Lokalizacja Castel Maggiore, Italy
Rok 2017
Status Gold mention
Powierzchnia 3200 m
Klient Villa Zari