– the revitalization of downtown hrubieszów, along with the adaptation of underground tunnels –

City of Hrubieszów as many other small cities in Poland faces a lot of similar problems – misguided investment processes. Since Second World War the population of the city decreased by over 50%. After Hrubieszów’ at its height, not much remained the same but architecture, genius loci and what makes it most unique underground city formed in loess soil.
Revitalization of the city of Hrubieszów downtown is an approach to the common problem of the places in Poland, which over Second World War have lost their small town character, due to reckless investment in their valuable but fragile areas.
The revitalization is focused on three aspects:
– making the underground area available,
– restoring the existing market buildings,
– revitalizing the inner market space, combined with covering it with glass roof.
The main emphasis is placed on the social factor.
The adaptation of old yards and their roofing are to become the icon of this place. The resulting public space is to become a place of meetings, rest, play, or local education – gaining knowledge about dying out professions or the history of this place and region.
Cleaning up the squares surrounding the market buildings and shutting them down for traffic gives the possibility of commercializing the ground floors and including them in the functioning of the whole space. According to the original idea, the dominant function in this area remains trade. At the market, 12 separates spots with integrated mounts for 48 temporary trade stands have been demarcated.
Access to the underground area has been provided in the place of a non-existing seventh pavilion, and the exit has been located at the market, on the North-South axis. In the underground zone, there is room for permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as an underground restaurant and hotel.
Be means of this revitalization the following have been achieved”
– the commercial nature of the buildings has been preserved
– public space with a function different from the commercial one has been created,
– newly-created public space has been linked to the underground city

Nazwa The revitalization of Downtown Hrubieszów, along with the adaptation of underground tunnels
Typologia Revitalization, re-use, adaptation,
Lokalizacja Hrubieszów, Poland
Rok 2016
Status Master degree project. Best diploma defended at Lubin University of Technology in 2016. TISE AWARD - 1st place. Project nominated for the Young Talent Architecture Award. Project nominated for the BDA - SARP award.
Powierzchnia 1ha