– single family house –

Contemporary wooden house takes what is the best from its surrounding. The form of the building is a result how topography effects architecture. Direct access to the plot is provided from lower level, while the upper level has a great access to beautiful rural views .

Different purpose of the rooms has big impact on the materials on facades.

Upper part of the building accommodates living space ( kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathroom). Users will surely spend most of their time in upper part  that’s is why this part has been made mostly of wood. Wood is the most human friendly construction element. Glazing of southern gable opens up the living room into beautiful views.

Lower part of the building is perceived as a separate volume. Has been made entirely from concrete creating solid base for wooden structure. Rough character of this volume has found its use also in interior, being a finishing layer of the bathroom, staircase, sauna and garage.

Nazwa single family house in northern poland
Rok 2017
Powierzchnia 182 sqm
Klient Private